Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy 18th

Like it or not, we've been at the Bar M Ranch in Afton WY for the last 3 of Luke's birthdays. It's always a low key celebration with his cousin Masaru, whose bday is March 2. Luke always asks for cinnamon rolls instead of cake, so I lug the Bosch, or the bread maker up to make a double batch for everyone. 

I like this shot because it has each Nakaya family's oldest grandson in it. Dru's Masaru, My Luke, Brooke's Myles, and Ryan's Ethan. 

We snowmobile if there is enough snow, or just use the 4 wheelers. Shooting is also involved. It's a nice relaxing Presidents Day weekend. 

This year, we had the whole fam damily, 26 of us, PLUS the 4 new dogs. Sheesh! It was crazy! Good thing the Ranch house is big! 

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  1. Hey man it's true. That picture is awesome. Does Luke care that his birthday is always up there? Masaru and our family are gonna miss LUke.