Thursday, January 1, 2015

Turning in Papers

The online papers system makes it pretty easy to apply for a mission. It's all the stuff you have to do before hand, that's a pain. Like getting your wisdom teeth out. 

Luke only needed the bottom 2 out, since the top 2 are not impacted. The surgery was quick and Luke did really well. He was a bit goofy after from the anesthesia, and fell off the bar stool at home. Not to worry though, he just laid on the floor giggling like a girl. It was a pretty fast recovery. 

The whole process, once the wisdom teeth were out, took about a week. We submitted the papers online, and then he had his interviews with the Bishop and Stake President. They held up things longer than we did. I think we submitted the papers in November and the call came January 14th. I think the Stake President didn't turn them in till the first week of January. 

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