Monday, September 28, 2015

Bike races in Old Harbor

My new area (Old Harbor) is way hotter and way dryer. Apparently,  it hasn't rained for 3 months, but it's nice and flat, so riding my bike is like a thousand times easier.

The members here are way cool and really nice, they talk about and discuss the deepest doctrines. In church this Sunday, we talked the whole time on godly intelligence. Honestly, I didn't get what they were saying-- so they all must be smarter than me.

My new companion is way cool, really fun and energetic. I'm much happier to be with him. We live in a four man house and we have a lot of fun together. 

In my new area everyone pimps their bicycles. It's sick! If you're riding and pass someone you just yell, "Race!" and you race right there with a random stranger. It's way fun.

I don't have the means to upload pics today sorry, but I saw the blood moon too. We had dinner on the front lawn and watched it. It was cool, the other Elders where freaking out, one of them said a prayer that the clouds wouldn't cover it:)

I love you Mom and Dad, tell the family I love them.