Monday, July 13, 2015

Wild goats

We've got like over ten different investigators right now, some are really doing well. We have one family who we teach ( it's crazy hard to find a family) and the mother has seen angels and both parents believe in love and Christ and devoting their lives to God. I've felt very strongly to teach them baptism, and so far they've agreed to be baptized and our lessons have really been powerful.

This week we taught an older lady named Pam and we invited her to church and she said she didn't have money for a taxi but she'd come anyway because she knew God would provide a way for her, and she came! It really is special to find someone with true faith in God, even to action, and coming to church.

Some of our area is waaaaaay out in the middle of nowhere! hahaha-- it's my favorite place:)

The thunder and lightning out here are insane!!! This is a picture of lightning so far away you couldn't even hear it.

Everyone thinks we're crazy for walking in the rain out here ( they believe that the rain makes you sick). People will just yell out to us, "White man!! Get out of the rain!!" There's one guy in our area, every time he sees us he just yells, "WHITE!" and then leaves! hahaha he's so funny:)

Goats!!!! Lots of goats out here, I can't tell if they're wild or domestic.

Me and my companion. He's really cool.

Jamaica Kingston Missionaries


  1. Hahaha, reminds me when I use to play rugby league and they would yell out, "smash whitey!"

  2. That's not all the missionaries right? His house looks nice. Is he with this guy on his own? Or do they still live with 2 other guys?
    I loved the lightning on my mission. I miss it actually. He sounds like he's doing alright..................