Monday, June 29, 2015


Hi everyone,

Things here have been good, it’s really hot, but the rain has died down. Luckily, I’m getting used to just sweating a small ocean every time I step out into the sun:)

Teaching here is really quite difficult. I think it’s because of the doctrine thing. People here just believe the first doctrine they hear from their church-- so when we introduce new doctrine, they rarely listen, because they are so caught up in their way vs. your way-- kind of thing. I’ve found the only way to get through to them, is to talk about Christ, and love and help them realize that on the spiritual level, we’re on the same page, but even still there are just some people who won’t listen to anything you say no matter what. But I still love everyone I come across, and it pushes me forward every day.

Last week like I said, we went to the beach. The water is soooooo clear!!! We played soccer until they kicked us off the beach for not paying a huge amount of money for drinks. Dang it the pictures won’t download again. Sorry, I’ll try and make it work, but no promises, my card gets a virus like every two seconds so I have to keep getting it cleared.

This is the end of my first transfer (first six weeks). One of my companions, Elder Humphrys is leaving, so my other companion, Elder Packer, will finish my training and it will just be the two of us. I’m excited for it to only be two of us—I’m starting to feel like I don’t get to say much. I like Elder Packer, he’s a really cool guy, but after this next six weeks he goes home too, so both of my trainers are leaving and then I won’t know anyone again. Oh well.

It’s so much fun talking to all the people here, some of them really do have some crazy ideas, especially the Rastas! :) Rastafarians are totally different than I expected. Out here, they’re usually in the lower class, and are always crazy-stoned-out-of-their-mind, but are not exactly chill. In fact they’re often hostile and some carry machetes all over the place. You just walk away from those ones. :)

I love you mom and I love you family!

My District in front of the church

Cook shop meal, fried chicken, veggies, akki and salt fish, dumpling and rice and peas


  1. Love reading his letters and great attitude! I love his pictures too! He looks so happy.

  2. I can't believe I havn't commented on this. Bad form. I believed rastafarians were a little cooler as well. Jamaica is turning out to be a little different than I thought.