Monday, August 3, 2015

Bad Haircuts, Racism, and Creative Cooking

 Transfers are not this week but next, and then Elder Packer will be leaving. I will most likely stay in this area for one or two more transfers but I will be leading it, since I will get a new companion or possibly a trainee. That would be crazy if I trained. Since I killed two different trainers I'm kind of a legend, since that's never happened before. It will be weird when Elder Packer leaves because I kinda feel like he was my real trainer the whole time. He's really awesome, I will miss him when he leaves.
If I did leave this area this transfer, I think that would actually be pretty cool. I'm already ready for a change of scenery, but the people here I love-- so either way is good.

This is my new hair cut! It's really short, I just had Elder Gordan (the Jamaican) cut it really short because it's so hot. He cut it pretty well actually, it's only a little uneven, or as the say in Jamaica-- 'lickle'. 

The other day in church the police came before sacrament and told us all about the murder statistics and how we as a church need to do more. It was strange, but we sang a song after which brought back the spirit haha:) 

Also, I said a prayer (kneeling) in the middle of the road the other day! This guy chased us down on our bikes yelling like a madman for us to pray for him. So we said yes and he just prostrated himself on the ground in the middle of the road! So I knelt and said a prayer for him that he wouldn't be crazy basically:) and then he got up and just walked away...  Regular day in Jamaica for the white guys:)
Why can everyone out here call us 'white man' but if we call them black man they freak out??!?! The Jamaican missionary I live with explained it to me like this, "You see Elder Johnson,  this is our country so we can call you white man, but you can't call us black man in our country, that's racist. If we were in your country you could call us black man and that would be fine." I just said,  "Oh,  is that what you think? hahaha,  take it from the guy who's been in both countries, that wouldn't fly in America!" :) Elder Gordan is so funny, he does the funniest things sometimes:) 

This week I was pretty broke because I had to pay for a hospital visit for when I got worms and it took them a while to reimburse me:) So I tried some pretty interesting combinations:) I'm just grateful I can buy something other than rice today:)

 peanut butter and jelly rice

 rice and syrup (just don't even try it)

I also made some dumplings (boiled flour) with some canned mackerel on it (mackerel is the whole fish head bones everything all in tomato sauce) but that was actually pretty good on the dumplings:)
Some things I haven't eaten yet and am not looking forward to are:
Chicken foot soup (it looks like baby hands)
Ox tail stew (literally a cows tail)
Big foot stew (it's all bones and skin-- what the freak!?!?!)
There's a few interesting dishes out here but my companion tells me all of the above are his favorite and he'd rather eat them than fried chicken (the usual dish). At first I didn't believe him, but now I think he's serious. 

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  1. Man I dont know about those rice combos..... It must be such a cultural change for Luke.
    Liked reading about the part where he kneeled down in the street and prayed. Jolly good show.