Monday, August 24, 2015

Mad Machete Skillz Paying Off!!

Service project Jamaican style!!!! Chopping the grass in the yard with a machete, and mixing cement by hand with a shovel! Hardest work I've ever done! We helped a lady in the community fix up her school house:) It was a blast! 

Some mormons from Salt Lake who work for KSL came and filmed it all too and they said we would all be on in between sessions of the Oct. General Conference.

I could mix cement so good by the end of the day that all the Jamaicans in our ward were yelling that I could mix cement like a Jamaican:) but they said I chopped the yard like a white man and that I should just stick to mixing cement:)

In addition to laying a drive way and chopping the bush we also patched her roof with the stickers made of tar:) So I got on the roof:)

Elder Ashworth, Bro. Blake and Bro. Walker taking a rest in the shade. Me on the roof.

Mixing, and Bishop giving orders:) He ran the show like an Army drill! He's a cop.

Finished Product

Part of our area is up on a super tall mountain called Gibraltar.  Wow,  it was a tuff bike ride but going down was a blast!

They're also cutting a huge freeway in the side of the mountain! The Chinese are paying for it and Jamaica is going to pay them back over fifty years!

Doesn't look that steep right?:) Well think again!!! It's like the stairs in the Lord of the Rings!!!
This is how they do it on Jamaican construction sites:)

Service at a members, this is Elder Ashworth chopping a tree with a machete. We chopped this thing to pieces! It was awesome, bet you never thought my chopping skills would come in handy right mom? ;)

I thought this was funny, one of our investigators has a weed plant:)


  1. Man surely we can send over a lawn mower that you just push with your hands with no motor for them to do their grass right? Chopping it like that seems a little dangerous.
    I think that's awesome that Luke was the man at mixing cement. He is good with a shovel though. Who knew all those skills would come in handy right?
    That bishop throwing around orders looks so funny. Just his stance and body language, I wouldn't mess with that dude.
    The driveway ended up look good man.
    Those stairs are really pretty but super steep. I like his information about China paying for it and Jamaica paying for it over the next 50 years. It's like we'll all be owned by china. How do they have all this money to lend out? It's like watching a monopoly game pan out, it's all fun and game to begin with, then by the end there's one kind of the mt and you get owned.
    He's always had great chopping skills, also a good thing it looks like.
    Finally a picture of some weed. I was wondering when we were gonna hear about some weed stories. Isn't that what we think Jamaica is all about? Maybe that's totally racist, like NZ being covered in sheep?

    1. * 'it's all fun and GAMES to begin with, then by the end there's one KING of the mt and you all get owned.

  2. That has to be the picture of the century for missionaries.... a WoW booklet with a weed leaf on it! Funny guy!
    Sounds like the Islands over there. My mates from Tonga said that they all cut there grass with a machete and almost all the work is done by hand.
    Its a nice reminder for us to realise how sweet we have things.