Sunday, May 3, 2015

Farewell Talk

A few people asked for a copy of Luke's talk, so I had him write it up. I didn't edit it, and you have to look up the scriptures that are listed. He read them all. He quoted the poet, Lau Tzu who is the author of the Tao Te Ching, Taoism philosopher,  just in case you're wondering.

Salvation unto the perfection of our souls.
Eternal life.
To live in the kingdom with our father who is god.
To see the face of christ and feel the prints of the nails in his hands.

It is my testimony that this is what life is all about, it is the way. In this life or lives to come i know that is what we all exist to become.

before we talk about the way let us first define the word repentance, repentance is essential to salvation but today id like us all to look at it with a different frame of mind. In the bible dictionary the greek translation denotes “a change of mind, a fresh view about god, about oneself, and about the world.”
I want us all to to form a new paradigm of repentance based on this definition and keep it in mind when thinking about the path to eternal life and salvation.

Helaman 8:15 --It says that as many as will look on the serpent shall live, and its true to look on the things of the world making them your focus in life will most likely bring you a prosperous and long life, but only in the worldly sense. The great poet Lau Tzu author of Tao TE Ching said “one who gives himself to his position surely lives long, but one who gives himself to Tao (God) surely lives forever.” to give yourself to life in this world will bring you possession and titles that will undoubtedly die with you. but if we look upon the son of god with faith and a contrite spirt we might “live, even unto that life which is eternal.”

Romans 8:5-6, 13-14 --We know that to be the sons of god and have life eternal we must be spiritually minded and be led by the spirt of god. To reiterate this point let us read 2 Nephi 9:39

It says in D&C 49:5-- that we must receive christ to be saved. but what does it mean to receive christ?

ST Luke 9:24-26-- Here it shows ones own life can only be saved by losing it, i would interpret this to mean you can only save your life by giving/dedicating your life to god. 

In ST Luke 13:7-27-- Christ gives Parables to the Pharisees saying that only those that humble themselves can be exalted. he also teaches that some have been invited but have made excuses because of their possessions and vanity and so the poor and humble are brought higher than them. have we been called? and if so have we heeded the call to humble ourselves and come into the feast that christ has prepared for us?

ST Luke 12:41-48-- Christ gives another parable and warns that he that knows his father cometh and prepares not will be beaten with far more stripes than those who didn't know to begin with. have we not been given the Knowledge that our father cometh? i would say to you that we do, we have been given the scriptures and know of the restored gospel we know also that the spirt can teach all things, therefore we have the responsibility to prepare lest we be beaten with many stripes.

2 Nephi 28:29-30, D&C 50:24, Moses 1:3.-- God is endless and so we must always be wary that we never put a halt to our learnings, god reminds us that he is infinite so it needs be essential that we learn line upon line precept upon precept, “and he that receiveth light and continueth in god receiveth more light and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day.”

This is the Way. look upon the son of god. be spiritually minded and be led by the spirit. receive christ. give your life to god. heed the call and humble yourself in order to receive it. take responsibility in what you know and prepare for the day. learn line upon line never ceasing in growth. All of this brings eternal life and salvation for ourselves but once we our selves begin on this path there comes more responsibility with it and that is to gather everyone else to the path also.

Mosiah 2:17, D&C section 4-- this lays it out pretty simply. but in ST Luke 15:1-32 Christ teaches the same principle with three different parables, and reminds us that greater will be the joy over one lost sheep than the ninety and nine that never strayed, and shows us that we should bring in the sinner. Lau Tzu says “if a person seems wicked do not cast him away, awaken him with your words, elevate him with your deeds, requite his injury with your kindness, do not cast him away, cast away his wickedness.” In the parable of the prodigal son, the older son questions the father saying “all my years have i been righteous to thee but you never gave me the fatted calf”, the father says in reply “son thou art ever with me, and all that i have is thine.” in the parable it never says if the older brother goes and joins the celebration for the return of the prodigal son, but we should remember that if we are with the father we already have all that he has and we need no more cause for celebration, just the joy that comes with bringing others to god.

Mosiah 4:15-20-- king Benjamin teaches his people not to let the beggar put up his petition in vain, but to impart of all your substances and be charitable. He teaches that all we have his gods and we are all beggars to him for repentance.

Mosiah 17:8-9, 21-22 -- Alma teaches his people gathered at the waters of Mormon that to be saved and numbered of the people of god we need to mourn with those that mourn have no contention one with one another and have our hearts knit together with one eye and one faith.

Love God
Love Jesus
Love everyone around you
“this is the way of heaven 
this is the way to heaven” - Lau Tzu

In the name of Jesus Christ amen.

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