Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day phone call

Luke called on Mother's Day, which was really great, even though he'd only been gone for 4 days. He was upbeat and positive, but it sounded like he was really tired. He says his companion and district are cool. His teacher is awesome (Do they have only one?), and his Branch president is hard to listen too. lol. Not sure why, as he didn't elaborate.

He asked us to invite Rachel, so she was there too. He talked to her for about 10 minutes of the 30. She felt bad taking any time away from us, but I know he really wanted to talk to her, so it was ok. We didn't have much to tell him, since it's only been four days.

He said they play volleyball, and they won't let him wear his 5 fingers, so he has to wear his heavy hiking boots, since he didn't take any tennis shoes. He also said they won't allow ultimate frisbee, just regular frisbee, and that there is no time to slack line. lol. I wonder if he'll ever be able to do that? With only 4 hours on Pday, and so much to do in those 4 hours, it might never get used.

He also said the food is good, and he can eat as much as he wants, so he's been over eating. I'm sure he'll get sick of it and slow down soon. Although I hear they have a whole wall of every cereal imaginable, so I'm sure that'll never get old with him!

He leaves on May 19th at 7:05am. I wish we could go give him one more hug, but maybe it's for the best. It started raining after we dropped him at the MTC and it didn't stop for 3 days. It felt like heaven was crying with us!

His info is on the side bar, I know he'd appreciate the mail, though I'm not sure he'll have much time to write anyone back. He's only allowed to email us, and his handwriting is really hard to decipher. prints up your emails and delivers them the same day, so that's a good option while he's in the MTC.


  1. I can't remember if you only have one teacher to be honest. I was 21..........that's like...............hmmmm...................17 years ago, holy crap, that's like almost a whole Luke ago!!! I'm old............oh well. I wrote to him yesterday. Short and sweet. I'm sure Masaru will want to write to him. If I can remember I'll get him to this week some time before the 19th.
    That's nice of Racheal not to take up all the time. How come he can't wear those shoes? Doesn't that seem odd? Lots of missionaries gain weight in the MTC, but soon lose it out on the field, if it's not Auckland NZ mission ;)

  2. Ethan's talked about that…all the FOOD! I'm sure many, like Melissa said, gain some weight. Live and learn. He's there such a short time. I'm sure it's intense, but hopefully, ultimately it proves to be valuable to his teaching. He's going to be so great!