Thursday, May 14, 2015

First Letter from the MTC

Hey Mom and Dad,

I really appreciate your letters. Your ideas about truth are awesome Dad, and I think you're right about the BofM having truth (being worthy of attention) besides being 'true'. Anyway, I love you so much and I really miss our talks. God has been teaching me that if I just love and listen to an investigator without thinking of what I'm going to say, the love can spill over to them and the spirit will talk through me. I've been having a lot of really amazing stuff happen, like yesterday I helped Elder Lybird while we were role playing. He was acting as his friend in college who feels like he's not good enough to be baptized.  I was playing the part of the missionary and told him that we're not going to be perfect but we are going to try and even though we might let go of Jesus' hand for a while, he still keeps it extended and we just have to take it and he will always help us up. Anyway, Elder Lybird was like, "Now I know what to tell my friend!" We were all crying and we felt Jesus' love-- it was cool!
I tried slack lining today with the elders in my district, but after about half an hour they made us take it down :) Oh well. I really like getting your letters Mom, that Dear John* was so funny! I read it to all my buddies and they laughed. My friends here are really cool and I'm having awesome spiritual experiences every day. I can't wait to get out there and share the love of Christ so everyone can be as happy as I am :) God has really been teaching me that all you have to do is love the investigator and the spirit just talks for you. It's really been amazing! I cry every day :) 
Love you so much,

*From Kristin: The Dear Elder website has a page of Dear John letters that peeps have submitted. So I was reading through some of them after writing to Luke and came across one that was just so funny, and was signed Rachel (Luke's girlfriends name), and so I copied it and sent it to him for a laugh. Here it is:

Dear Elder Mills,

How are you doing? Are you baptizing lots? I hope the mission is going well for you. How is your health? Drinking lots of water? I was once told water cures everything ;). Well all the roomies are doing well... Madison is missing Joshua - seeing as he just left. Mike is Abby's NCMO hehe. Jessica and Dylan are enduring hay season... Vanessa is as usual - stressed with all the things she is accomplishing, oh and she has an A- in one of her classes! Jenny... well sad to say... is engaged to Brad. By the way Brad says to tell you hi! So I guess that leaves me... and well... ya, me. So Logan, I've been thinking, you are just too tall and skinny and I find it disturbing that you can wear my pants. Your hair is too short; you can't even part it. I hate Will Ferrell movies and especially The Family Guy!! The fact that you are soooo stupid that you didn't listen and get your visa in on time and now you're stuck in California complaining about it just makes me sick.

So due to higher quality applicants, you're candidacy has been terminated for the position of long-term partner. I am way out of your league, aim lower next time ;)! 

Manny Handshakes,
Sister Winterton


  1. hahahahaha that is hilarious and horrible at the same time. Love it. Poor dude. Sounds like he and she are better off without each other though, and that's awesome.
    Great letter from Luke. I love it. Sounds like he's doing so well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What an awesome letter! Luke's not the "Dear John." About the Dear John, can that be real...??? Harsh stuff, that. But funny too.

    I agree, thanks for sharing.