Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Last letter from the MTC

Thanks for all the letters from you and dad:) i sure love you mom:)  

I'm having so many spiritual experiences. I've been completely overwhelmed. I don't think the MTC is like it used to be, all they focus on is Jesus and the spirit and it's so awesome! I haven't even heard that much lame stuff-- it's all been about sharing the love of Christ! I'm so excited to go to Jamaica and I know good things are coming for everyone who loves God! I don't know how,  I can just feel it!

I'll call you at the airport. 

Love you Mom and Dad.

*Luke did call this morning when he was on layover in Atlanta GA. He said the flight to Jamaica would only be 2 more hours. He was traveling with an Elder and a Sister, and they had permission to call people on the layover. I tried to soak it all in, knowing I won't hear his voice again until Christmas! He is super excited, the 3 of them were trying to convert their seat mates on the plane! His p-days are Monday in Jamaica, so I'll be posting his letters then. 

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