Monday, June 15, 2015

Caving and Spirit Juice

Hey Mom,

So first things first, and I'm really sorry, but no pictures this week! We are at a bush internet cafe, but next week for sure! 

For P Day today we woke up at 4am in the morning to go caving! Wow! It was so cool! We hiked through the jungle and then climbed down vines into a 20 ft. hole, and then went like 2 miles down into this cave full of bats and crystal stalagmites. Wow, it was sooooooo cool! Especially climbing the vines on the way out. 

It's so hard out here, I'm totally tired every day, but when I teach someone, the Spirit just blasts me in the face with Spirit juice until at the end of the lesson I'm crying. I cry like every day in front of my investigators. The other day our investigator named Anesha said I was emotional and all I could do was agree, as I choked through the prayer. :) I love helping everyone out here, I just hope God blesses me with the ability to teach in a way that might soften their hearts enough to accept the joy that comes from coming closer to God. It's amazing! 

God has really been teaching me how to trust him with my learning. He's taught me how to be teachable from everything. He's also really taught me a lot of sacrifice. A LOT! Freak, I feel like I could go through anything and be able to keep giving, which is such a blessing because all I want to do is serve and make others happy. :) But it is starting to take a toll on me, living in a house with five guys! :) But who cares? It's amazing out here in they ghetto bush country. I love it and I love all the people here! Every day I feel more tired than the day before but every day I want to yell louder and louder that Christ lives!!!! And that God loves them!!!! Wow, such a wonderful time! 

Well anyway, that's about it. Our investigators are all doing pretty good for the most part and we had the first stake conference in Jamaica yesterday. A 70 gave a pretty great talk about sacrifice, which was definitely for me. 

Love you all so much,



  1. Lol I love his terminologies. I miss him.

  2. "Spirit Juice"...that's a keeper for sure :-)

    Glad he's able to mix some good ol' fun in...feeling the spirit as a missionary does, totally immersed 24/7, that's gotta be wonderful but exhausting! Love ya Luke!