Monday, June 1, 2015

Rain and Thunder Man

Hey Mom,

Don't worry, my house is really solid for hurricane, they make them like that on purpose. Also we have like 100 gallons of water and filter water bottles so don't worry. The mosquitos are starting to stop biting too, so don't worry about that either. My diet is fine, I buy fruits and veggies from the market place for dirt cheap.(He's just responding to all my worries!) Also my bike is nicer than both my companions, I got it used from the last missionary. I kinda leave them in the dust wherever I go. I love you all so much! Thanks for being worried Mom but I'm fine, I love you. :)

The outside looks nice right? But he says the inside is super crappy. lol.
This is our house, we live in about a 1/4 of it on the bottom floor. Oh by the way, did I mention there is no hot water?! Showers are really cold, but it's not too bad because of the heat. Also the power and water sometimes just turn off for a while! This really is a third world country.

This me and my companions going to our investigators in the ghetto during a rain storm. We get soaked at least once a day-- it rains a lot! Elder Packer is in the middle, Elder Humpreys is on the right.

This is the view of the jungle from a cliff side that one of our investigators lives on.

The other day a dog bit my ankle and bruised my heel pretty good, but it didn't cut me because of my pants. Also, a week ago I asked a less-active to be baptized!!! Hahaha, she just looked at me like, "What?" and then my companion whispers that she's a member! And so I was like, "Oh, I mean, now it's time for the baptism of fire." We all laughed and she was nice about it. :) We still get fed everyday by someone. Apparently, this is like the only area where people are so nice. The other missionaries at zone conference said they never get fed. Also, this area is the most beautiful and least violent crime-wise, so I pretty much lucked out.

Sunset after a storm

This is me and my companions walking on a wall between a robbed graveyard(?) and a small ocean that was in the road! It was a fun day!

The other day I met a guy who rode a motorcycle and called himself 'Thunder man'. He told me his life story while he was smoking a joint, and it goes like this (he's like 50):

"Two bolts of lightning came down and I grabbed them with my hands and God pulled me up to heaven on the bolts. He then showed me the creation of the world and I walked through the door of the moon and the door of the sun and saw the orbit of the universe ( I'm summarizing the story-- he was saying way more crazy stuff). He then told me that Adam and Eve were not the first people on earth, it was a man named George who was a ninja and who could control the elements and he came to earth in a meteor...
Anyway he was nuts, but I really loved listening to his craziness! :) I think he actually was struck by lightning. :)

Oh one more story, we met this guy named Mr. Brown behind a bar and taught him about the origin of the Book of Mormon, but he refused to even pray to know if Christ came to the Americas. He basically worshiped the Bible and was really stuck in his ways. I really loved him though, and really just hoped he would pray about anything. Then while my companions were fighting with him it started to rain. I knew there was nothing else we could say to convince this man that he needed to pray, yet I felt like we should stay, even though my companions were basically yelling at this guy. All of a sudden, a younger man walks under our roof to stay dry and immediately picks up a Book of Mormon, and starts reading the introduction and the testimony of the witnesses. While he's doing this Mr. Brown is yelling at him, telling him we were liars and stuff, but he just kept reading and saying "It's just a testament of Jesus." Then we told him about how the book talks about how Christ came to the Americas. Mr. Brown screamed, "Lies!" but he just said, "Show me." So we turned to 3 Nephi and he started reading aloud the acount of Christ coming to the people and how they felt the prints in his hands and side and were crying. The whole time Mr. Brown kept yelling, but his eyes just kept getting brighter and brighter. When he was done he just looked at Mr. Brown and said, "This book talks about Jesus." Mr. Brown walked out-- even though it was raining (people do not like to get wet here) and the younger man told us that Mr. Brown was like his father figure, but he was so faithful that he just kept reading about Jesus. Anyway, we shared the message of the restoration and made a return appointment. I can't wait to see him next, because he knows the Spirit and is willing to pray, and the adversary using Mr. Brown just strengthened his understanding of the spirit because he was able to feel the opposition. It was awesome! I love you guys, have a great summer!

The 3 pound snail

Freaky spider. *shudder*


  1. That spider is crazy man. Hahaha his stories sound funny and totally normal on the mission hahaha love it. His house does look nice. He needs to show us the inside. I'm glad he likes his comps. Great letter and nice to have pictures this time.

  2. I love to see you in your element! Thank you for your love and acceptance of everyone. It is a special gift you offer as a missionary. That spider though---wow, I would have been right back on the boat back home. It is beautiful in the picture with all the colors, but also....terrifying.

  3. I love the pictures- not the spiders and all but love seeing the story told. Luke is awesome! He is totally in his element. This mission is handpicked for him! Glad he is well and happy!

  4. HOLD ON! That picture of Luke and his companion on the wall...THAT EXACT picture was posted on my friend's facebook as "Meanwhile in Jamaica - Jake's (her brother, Elder Hunt, who is nearly coming home) last companion." I'm guessing that this friend's bro's last companion switched straight to your Luke!! small world.