Monday, June 8, 2015

More Thunder Man

Hey everyone,

I’ve been learning so much from my studies and teaching people! Basically, I just want to learn to follow the spirit better so I can follow it like it says in 2 Nephi 32,  because that is the only doctrine given, so it’s pretty dang important. 

My companions are good friends and I love them.  I learn a ton from them! (not when they try to teach me though:) One of my companions’ dad died while he’s been out, I haven’t really talked to him about it, but he’s so strong and a really cool kid. 

I was talking to Thunder man again the other day. I really tried listening with the spirit and I started to realize, this guy is some sort of visionary man!! Holy crap! It was awesome! He was telling me how he was hungry, so he prayed to God to catch a big fish. When he went fishing he caught a huuuuuge fish but it had a crown on its head, which he took and held, and the crown granted him power over the sea, even to covering all the land with water, but because he wanted to restore balance he threw the crown back into the water. When I first heard this I was like what the *^%$?! But when I looked at it from a symbolic standpoint, the spirit likened it unto this cool parable. He prayed for strength from God and God gave it to him because of his faith, but once he had the strength and power he then surrendered it back to God to restore balance. He said it was a great trial for him to throw the crown back. Anyway, kinda weird but I learned something. He also told me about the second coming and the iron rod and the Godhead and how we have to choose the right and grab the iron rod or we wouldn’t see the light come out of the sky during the second coming of God. He told me the only one who could pull us out of the hole with the rope was Jesus, and  the lightning that came down from the sky was God’s commandments and that’s why he grabbed on to them to choose the right!!!! Wow. I just want to hear more from this guy! Anyway, the whole time we were talking I really felt like he was my friend and that I loved him. I’m glad the spirit prompted me to talk to him so I didn’t just judge him as hopeless.

This week we’ve been teaching a lot of people, but most just like to hear us talk, not pray or read or do anything! So we have to drop a lot of people and let them know we’re here to invite them to Christ through faith, and then not teach them for like a month and see if that does anything-- and it works a lot! They realize the lack of spirit and it makes them want to act and have faith for themselves. I love the people who are so ready to put the gospel to the test and find their own witness. They’re so easy to teach! We have this one guy who has read the book of Mormon one and a half times already and knows it’s true and knows the gospel is true, but he won’t come to church because of his social life in his 7th day church, but he’s a really cool guy and we are inviting him to go cave exploring with us next  P-day.  That’ll be fun! 

The investigators named Suzette and Hores who are married came to church last week and they had a good experience. They appreciated the classroom setting of Sunday school and actually learning doctrine, but they missed the shouts and praises of their church. I tried to explain we don’t worship God just with our lips but with our heart and that that was the environment we try to culture at church-- one where you can find God inside of you, instead of around you. 

So far I’ve met a few prophets, or so they claimed to be-- but mostly it just sounds like they had some satanic experience, even though they describe the spirit and God perfectly. I think people out here are so open to the spiritual realm, and because of that they have a lot of good experiences, but they also lack discernment to tell when they’re straight-up possessed, and think it’s God. I haven’t had to cast out any devils yet though...

The fruit here is crazy! I’ve had star fruit and jack fruit and bread fruit and cashew fruit and mango and cane and coconut and everything! Everyone makes really good juice to go with their chicken and rice (which is still the only dish I’ve been feed) except for when they feed us fish, but I’m not complaining-- it’s all so good-- they have the best chicken in the whole world here! 

We did some more service for a member, pulling dirt up two stories onto a roof to make cement for her house construction. When we leave a spiritual thought with a member, my companions always say, "Well, we’d like to leave a spiritual thought with you, Elder Johnson has prepared one for you." Even though I hadn’t prepared anything. It’s mostly just funny and I always make it work, but after like the tenth time I started doing it to them:) They didn’t think it was funny:) I’ve been soooooooooooooooo tired lately, but today I’m feeling pretty good. I always fall asleep during nightly planning. I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon. 

Anyway, I think that’s about everything. Me and my companions buy ice cream like every other day for 100$ ($1 US), it’s become a tradition. Also the other day I had a jelly, which is a coconut that’s full of water. They hack the top off right there and you drink it and give it back,  then they hack it in half and you scrape the meat out and eat it and then pay them. It’s pretty cool. 

The computer is really bad and I can't send any photos. Sorry. 
Love you guys,


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  1. This is great. It sounds like he's doing really well and is very loving and open to others. I'm glad he's having such fun.